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    We invite you to enter the community section and see: Who we are. There you will find our origins, why it is important, what we do, who Fundación Humanos por Humanos is, our point of view, purpose, Board of Directors, and founders.

    We receive stories in two ways:

    1. Through the platform. In the button that says DONATE YOUR STORY, when you click on that button you will enter a section with a guide that has worked for all the survivors who have written it. Once you write it and send it in, a committee made up of survivors and clinical psychologists review it to see if it meets the objectives of the initiative. They then contact you to let you know that it has been selected and involve you in the creation process if you wish.
    2. Recommendation from Psychologists. In some cases, psychologists tell their patients who are survivors about the platform, the patients see the writing process as a way to continue healing, they contact us and we guide them. We follow the same process of counseling with the committee and then confirm to the author that his/her story has been selected.

    There are different types of specialties for mental health professionals, in this case, for psychologists there are many branches and not all of them can provide the necessary care to everyone. This is unknown to most people who think that a psychologist can help with anything, and when possible victims seek help without knowing this, they reach a professional who was not the right one. Understanding this, in order to include a mental health organization or professional in our directory, we consider different aspects:

    • Proven experience caring for victims of child, youth, and adult sexual abuse.
    • Certifications that prove the ability to provide this type of mental health care.
    • Specialization in Clinical Psychology and Pos trauma management.
    • Guide from the Psychological Committee of Humanos por Humanos Foundation.
    • Technical, physical, and technological capacity to provide care.

    Fundación Humanos por Humanos, through its initiative www.manualesparasobrevivir.org works as a bridge that provides users with the information and contacts of Mental Health Specialists so that each user can schedule appointments from the digital platform. Fundación Humanos por Humanos does not provide psychological care, it is provided by the members of the board of psychologists, and they work independently from our foundation.

    Some organizations already establish that their services are free, other organizations establish base costs in order to generate self-sustainability and private practice psychologists define their cost privately, their rate is flexible based on the economic reality of the possible patient, but they are who determines the value and when to be flexible.

    We will be adding information to advise parents on how to prevent and identify signs of child sexual abuse. You will be able to see in our social networks special content on these topics. Within the platform, for the moment, you will find material aimed at people who were victims and want to move on from the trauma. By watching the videos and understanding the stories you will also be able to see child behaviors that can alert, but, in general, our initiative is a way to talk about a topic that nobody touches and that, should help us at a general level to have an awareness that does not exist today.

    No. www.manualesparasobrevivir.org is not a reporting mechanism and there is no section that allows users to do so. If you know someone who is a victim or is suffering from this type of crime, please report it to the appropriate authorities in your area.

    www.manualesparasobrevivir.org is a platform that seeks to guide young people and adults, from the age of 18, towards overcoming the trauma caused by having been victims of sexual abuse during their childhood. Much is done to inform about prevention, but little or nothing is done to help those who suffered and do not know how to move forward. According to a study done in Latin America, we were able to show that 260 million people between 16-55 years of age, between men and women, search every month for topics related to having been victims or survivors of child sexual abuse, 2 million of them are in El Salvador. These searches are done on Facebook and Google. Seventy percent of victims never tell what happened and 70% of the cases are close aggressors, family members or people they trust.

    This initiative is aimed at all those people who think they are alone and that no one else has suffered the same, to realize that if some were able to face it, they can too.

    The founder of THE SURVIVAL MANUALS is a survivor of child sexual abuse. He had the idea to share with others the knowledge that for decades propelled him towards his overcoming the trauma after being raped by his uncle at age 8.

    Influenced by the steps to sobriety in the blue book of Alcoholics Anonymous, post-trauma psychological therapy and the understanding of digital communication, he thinks of creating a knowledge exchange platform that tells the experience of survivors to guide victims to specialist psychologists and thus guide them to overcome their trauma.

    This initiative is born from the own experience of a survivor, who realizing the different adversities he had to face to heal, realizes that the knowledge acquired by every survivor can be the manual that guides others to do so as well, and this knowledge lead them to the right psychologists to help them.

    There are several organizations allied to our initiative.

    Fundación Humanos por Humanos was born in 2019 as the social extension of Grupo Comercial de Comunicaciones, which has more than 60 years of existence. GCC is based in El Salvador and has presence throughout Central America and the Caribbean, with 14 advertising agencies, including 6 MullenLowe, 3 McCann, 4 FCB, 1 The Crib and 16 specialized marketing units. The Group recognizes the importance of contributing to the world in a direct way and promoting the creation of communication ideas that seek to solve social problems in the markets where it is present and to scale to the world.

    Many organizations have decided to collaborate with Fundación HUMANOS POR HUMANOS and the Survival manuals initiative, including the following:

    • Glasswing International

    Fundación Crisálida Internacional is an ally that provides us with support to receive donations from abroad. Glasswing international also has socialized www.manualesparasobrevivir.org during their trauma management formation programs imparted in over 7,000 people in the year, amongst nurses, policemen, trauma experts, so they can recommend our platform to possible victims in need of guidance.

    • Fundación Calleja

    Through its PLENAMENTE program, Fundación Calleja is part of the Psychologists Directory, providing free psychological care in 8 municipalities of El Salvador.

    • Fundación Pro Educación FUNPRES.

    Through CEAP, Centro de Atención y Evaluación Psicológica (Center for Psychological Attention and Evaluation) is part of the Psychologists Directory, providing specialized attention at affordable costs starting at $18.

    • Applaudo

    This software and technology development company has donated the creation of our platform valued at $70,000. Thanks to their support and technical support we can provide a world-class user experience.

    • Simple Society

    Commercial and social video production company has contributed with the development and animation of all the videos in www.manualesparasobrevivir.org.

    • The Farm

    Audiovisual production company that has contributed with the donation of the original music in conjunction with ROCCO, a sound engineer based in Chile, for all the survivor stories.

    • Sivar Actors Studio

    Acting school in El Salvador, representing local talent to the world. SAS has donated its talent to give voice to all the stories through the actors and actresses that make it up.

    • Publicidad Comercial MullenLowe

    Leading advertising agency in Central America, has contributed with the design of the entire platform, communication strategy and advertising campaign to publicize the initiative.

    www.manualesparasobrevivir.org is an initiative of Fundación Humanos por Humanos. Being a non-profit organization, we rely on various mechanisms for self-sustainability, one of them is the donation received from donors, whether they are companies, organizations, or individuals.

    We have included within the platform the option to donate from $1 and the section of DONATE AND RECEIVE, allowing an exchange of products or services as a reward for receiving donations.

    Donations received are used for the following:

    1. Create more videos/Manuals with the stories of survivors to inspire victims to come forward and generate awareness on a general level of the impact that child sexual abuse has on society and individuals.
    2. Strengthen the operational structure of the MPS initiative by subcontracting or directly hiring people to perform roles and functions within the Fundación Humanos por Humanos.
    3. Recruitment of specialists and organizations for the Psychologists directory. In order to add quality members, it is necessary to go through a process of selection and search for candidates, this allows us to offer more and even find options outside El Salvador to enable professionals of the best possible level locally or abroad.
    4. Start the process of opening our own clinics. With the support received we plan to open our own clinics in the future, which will allow us to strengthen self-sustainability and provide paid services, that all profits are directed to reinvest in the initiative and provide free care and / or affordable cost.

    Currently, www.manualesparasobrevivir.org is considered an innovation in mental health treatment. We are in the initial stage considered BETA or Pilot, seeking to understand the level of acceptance and response from the target population identified as Salvadorans between 18-55 years of age, men and women who have been possible victims of child sexual abuse and who in their youth/adulthood seek help to cope with the trauma experienced.

    As objectives we define the following:

    Overall project objective.

    • Create a digital platform to help and save the lives of young people and adults between 18 and 55 years of age who during their childhood were victims of sexual abuse and have not received the appropriate post-trauma treatment, out of fear or because they are part of the 80% of young people in the country who do not know where to seek help. We seek to give hope and direct these young people and adults who suffer devastating consequences in life, high levels of dissociation, anxiety, depression, re-victimization, suicides and even foster violent climates within their communities and families for not having faced the trauma, towards specialized treatment.
    • Through our project, we seek to give an innovative approach, updated to the world of digital content and scalable to the region, placing as protagonists for the first time survivors heroic stories together with a community of specialists in post-trauma treatment, thus achieving an ecosystem of access to free or affordable treatment online or in person. The digital platform we have developed has two forms of support: 1- With illustrated short films that narrate the steps that real survivors took to move forward to generate empathy and inspiration. 2- With a directory of Post-traumatic Psychology in which potential victims will have direct access to Clinical Psychologists specialized in post-traumatic treatment

    Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project.

    • In the first year we seek to reach 500,000 young people and adults (between 18-55 years of age) in the metropolitan area of San Salvador, who search every month on Facebook and Google for topics related to having been victims of sexual abuse during their childhood. We will reach them based on a Digital strategy in which we will manage to intercept their search and appear as an option for them to seek help and specialized post-trauma treatment on the same platform.
    • We plan to influence victims between 18-55 years old to seek therapy in the metropolitan area of San Salvador with a minimum of 250 effective appointments in the first year of operation of the project.
    • This would benefit 250 families, reducing the possibility of domestic violence and social peace around their communities.
    • It will benefit the community of Clinical Psychologists in the country, generating direct work both at the private practice level with our allied Psychologists.
    • We will boost the orange economy through the creation of manuals or short films illustrated and animated by artists telling the steps of survivors towards their recovery.
    • We will contribute to reduce social violence, in a society with high rates of violence, post-trauma treatment is key.
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